Game made for the 8 Bit to & (supposed to be infinity, consider it like so)

Left Arrow to go left and Right Arrow to go right

This game is also mobile supported if you wanna try it out feel free to do so

Thanks to all the people that participated in creating this game like me and also myself and the most imprtant is I :P And of course Joshua MickeyLean for the music

Inspired from a game i used to play as a little kiddo "Doodle Jump" that i played with my brother all day long 

Still need some features and some other things to add (Maybe a multiplayer function to play with friends and familly) Maybe less platform and more powers  but had to do all of it in a limited time for the dev of the game as i had no idea what i could do for this jam and well


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Could've probably used more time. Gets repetitive after a while. You should make it easier to die.

Watch Interview with Game Dev Josh McMillan / Two Button Jam Part 1 from MrJoshuaMcLean on

I like the game, but it gets very repetitive after a while. Stopped at around 4000 points, as it was becoming more like a chore. I feel like the game could've been made more interesting if it had progressive powerups. Say the jetpack only appeared in the first 500 points, and then it got replaced by the super boots (or whatever it's called), and then more powerups and less platforms along the way, to make it more interesting. Also some deadly traps or something along those lines could be interesting.

My rating: ★★★☆☆, because it got repetitive after a bit. I did enjoy it though, and the art reminds me of your inspiration for the game!


the main idea was to make a chill game without having to stress 

The lack of time also got a major role in this game as honestly had no idea what i was going to make until the last day 😅 but managed to make a doodoo jump working

I also had issues with creativity as the game that i was making started to form i lost i had already sent the game and also the time for the jam finished 

Well that's a first enjoyable experience 😂